Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Who Writes For Fans of the CFL?

Greg Bates:
I guess you could call me a completely obsessed sports fan when it comes to hockey and football. I was born a die hard CFL fan and became a Calgary Stampeders fan when I left Winnipeg and moved to Calgary when I was 8 years old. I’ve managed to stay a fan through the bad old days of Rick Worman, Bruce Threadgill and Bernard Quarrels, thankfully I was also rewarded for my loyalty during the 90’s when I got to watch Doug Flutie, Jeff Garcia, and Dave Dickenson. I look forward to sharing my excitement about the CFL and the Calgary Stampeders with the readers and writers of this publication. I’ve made it a personal mission to convert my American friends to the more exciting CFL game and I can be heard on the internet radio show.

Mike Burse:
So how does a former hockey player fall into the insurance business you ask?
Well I still am not sure how it happened but it did. I came out of Mohawk College with a diploma majoring in Insurance. I very much have a passion for discussing sports (NHL, CFL, Women’s Hockey mostly) and I finally got the nerve up to write about them on the website Bleacher Report. I plan on continually improving my writing skills and if this leads to a job one day that would be an amazing dream. But if not then I will continue to write regardless, as I truly have a passion for sports and enjoy writing. If you want to see more of my work head over to

Josh Dhani:
Josh Dhani has just got into the CFL and his contributions are mostly forwarded directly about his favorite team, the BC Lions. For more of his articles regarding the CFL, please visit thecanadianfootballleaguereport.

Scott Fitzsimmons:
I am a 10 year radio professional from Yorkton, Saskatchewan who loves
sports, especially the CFL. I loves watching, playing and coaching football. I
am a student of the game, and I love to pick apart every aspect of the game.
The knowledge I have gained in his 32 years of life, has grown quite an opinionated view, and whether or not you agree, I think my points will have some merit. I try very hard to be fair and as unbiased as possible in my views. I will always be a Stampeders fan, and will eventually convert my lovely wife, who is still a Riders fan.

I live in Syracuse, New York and am a huge football fan, whether it's the NFL or the CFL. I'm a lifetime Hamilton Tiger-Cats fan and am obviously only recently coming out of hiding after having only three wins last year. If you hate my writing or love it feel free to contact me at

Jonathan Hamelin:
I am a diehard fan of the Saskatchewan Roughriders and
the Canadian Football League. I am also an aspiring journalist and a lot of my
work is centered around the Canadian Football League. My CFL work can be
seen on Bleacher Report, Rider Prider, Rider Fans and
The Canadian Football Report. I also recently got a job at the Regina Leader-Post.

Richard Leslie:
Lifelong fan of the CFL and the Argonauts, since selling propgrams as a 12 year-old in the 1970's at the old Exhibition Stadium. Current season ticket holder of the Argos (for 10 years now) and have travelled to Hamilton and Montreal for games as well. Civil servant for the Government of Ontario and small business owner when not watching football.
Brandon Marsdin:
Brandon Marsdin is a 16 year-young- man from Hamilton,
Ontario. He took an interest in watching sports in the 7th grade and has ever
since. But, has played in sports leagues since he was 4. Like most Canadians
he enjoys the CFL. But, has only recently started taking a real interest in it. Res
siding in Stoney Creek as part of the greater city of Hamilton. He is a huge fan of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. He is also proud to be Canadian.

Avry Lewis-McDougall:
I'm a 16 year old high school student in Edmonton, Alberta I'm a die hard Eskimo fan and I also host a sports show on called Avry's Sports Show Tuesday nights at 7PM Mountain time.

Chase Ruttig:
Sixteen year old dealing with the trivial happenings of living in small-town Saskatchewan Canada, considered the middle of nowhere for North American sports. I have been writing for three years covering all sports, but the CFL is my passion as it is truly Canada's own. I am proud to be one of the writers on this magazine and I hope it is entertaining and informative to the readers.

Paul Taylor:
Despite being born and raised in England, I have followed North American sports as long as I can remember. I enjoy the NBA, MLB and NHL, but football has always been my first love. I spent a year living in Canada back in 2006/07 and started going to CFL games. Since then, I have been hooked on the league and visit Toronto a couple of times a year to attend games. I am currently doing a Sports Journalism and Media degree and hope to become a professional Sports Journalist.

Steve Thompson:
My name is Steve Thompson and love writing articles about sports. I live in Toronto, Ontario and have been a CFL fan since I was in my single digits. I would like to see the league expand in Canada to cities that have never had a franchise before and have written several articles about this, and possible American expansion as well. I shall write more. The CFL welcomes back Ottawa next year, but when will they add that tenth (and more) franchise? By the way, I've done something that few CFL fans have ever done: I've picked up the Grey Cup several times and even thrown it.

TJ Zwarych:
TJ Zwarych is 15 years old. He has lived in Canada and has been breathing sports his whole life. From hockey drafts and NCAA tournament brackets, he loves it all. He enjoys writing about all things but his bread and butter are the CFL and the NBA.